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What is the Reembody Method?

The Reembody Method is a movement modality unlike any other.

Reembody centers around the fact that physical forces—like gravity, torque and inertia—are the fundamental units of human movement. It then employs a cutting-edge model of neurological side-dominance that predicts exactly how those forces will move through your body.

As your body encounters force, your brain perceives it as either safe or threatening; this determines the quality of the movement that follows. Better use of force means less reliance on caloric energy to generate power—and Reembody is the key to using force efficiently.

Because every movement you make requires letting force in, the Reembody Method pairs with any movement you make, offering an increase in safety, a decrease in effort—and more power and control than you ever thought possible.

Introducing Reembody Breathing Room

Reembody Breathing Room is a simple, powerful app that guides you through a practice of exploring how you feel using specialized vocabulary that focuses on body sensation, not on meaning. It creates a pause between the signals our body sends us and our evaluation of those signals in a cultural context.

The result: the experience of being in your body, free of judgement.

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