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What is Reembody?

Reembody centers around the notion that physical forces are the fundamental units of human movement. As your body absorbs forces like gravity, friction, and inertia, your brain’s perception of them—as either safe or threatening—will determine the quality of the movement that follows. The Reembody Method is both distinct from, and complementary to, all other movement modalities.

Better use of force means less reliance on caloric energy to generate power. The result, as any tai chi master would tell you, is threefold: an increase in movement safety, a decrease in caloric effort, and more power than you ever thought possible.

Reembody Practitioner Certification

The Reembody Apprentice Training Program (RCA-20) is a 20-hour, in-residence immersion course where students learn to apply the underlying principles of the Reembody Method. Using both analytical and somatic processes, participants engage in extensive solo and partnered sensorimotor exercises. After four days of studying, moving and bonding with other movement enthusiasts, Reembody-Certified Apprentices (RCAs) return to their movement practices with new diagnostic tools, interventions, and training programs for literally any pattern of human movement.