Brunella Lucchi

Brunella Lucchi

Clearwater, FL
(917) 312-6488
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St. John-Clark Pain Treatment Center

About Brunella

Graduate, The Swedish Institute (NYC), Certified Neuromuscular therapist (Lymphatic drainage, Active isolated Stretching, Cranial release techniques), Licensed massage therapist

Brunella’s primary goal over her 22+ years in bodywork is simple: to leave her patients in a better place than she found them. Her defining moment was when she realized that her passion for helping people could be more than just a hobby. Brunella quickly became a unique therapist, even for her field; she combines intuition and intellect to get to the root cause of whatever ailment comes through her door.

“I didn’t find Reembody; Reembody found me,” says Brunella. She took a workshop at her place of work, and immediately took to it. She found the Method to be at once profoundly in-depth while also being simple enough to use every day. Brunella is an Integrative Neurosomatic Therapist at St. John-Clark Pain Treatment Center.

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