Maelon Saress

Maelon Saress

Tucson, AZ
(805) 585-9514
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LMT, Rooted Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

About Maelon

Credentials: MS (Landscape Architecture), LMT, LE, RCA

Maelon is an LMT specializing in Shiatsu and east/west fusion massage. She became an RCA in 2019.

Maelon has been practicing holistic massage and skincare for over two decades. She has worked in a wide range of settings, including five-star spas, medical environments, and private practice. At Rooted, she has chosen to focus her practice on offering clients a deeply restorative experience that nourishes mind, body, and spirit.

Maelon’s specialty is integrating eastern medical theory with western bodywork and skincare techniques for a whole-person approach to healing that yields the utmost results in holistic body care. Clients come to her for bodywork that offers penetrating pressure without pain, as well as luscious organic facials, seasonal meridian treatments, and individualized, combination treatments that include both massage and skincare. Her treatments also incorporate the use warm and cool stones and the healing power of plants, with aromatherapy and herbal liniments and oils.

Originally from the central coast of California, Maelon has lived in New Mexico and Hawaii and has traveled to New Zealand, Tahiti, and Bali. She holds a master’s degree in landscape architecture and enjoys designing ecological landscapes.

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