Milton Monson

Milton Monson

Salt Lake City, UT
(801) 251-6415
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About Milton

BS Finance, RYT500, YA Master Trainer, RCAP

Milton is a yoga teacher and life coach who believes that the journey to health begins with self-love.

Milton Monson grew up in Casper, Wyoming, but has called Salt Lake City, Utah, his home since 2002.

Over the years, Milton’s motivation for health changed from wanting to have a magazine-cover body to focusing on functional wellness and longevity. “My pespective shift occurred as I processed through a personal diagnosis,” he explains. “It opened my eyes to what was important to me. I only began to find healing when I combined body and mind into a unified process." Through this difficult turning point, Milton developed a profound respect and gratitude for what his body could do.

In 2019, Milton saw an interview with Reembody founder Kevin Moore and was instantly fascinated. After scribbling notes and rewatching parts of the interview, Milton decided to join the apprenticeship program. “Kevin presented a way of looking at the whole body in a way that I had never heard. I knew that I needed to learn more,” he says. Milton successfully completed both Level 1 and Level 2 courses by the end of that year. He remains an active and engaged member of the Reembody community, and uses Reembody principles in his own practice, as well as with his clients.

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