Phillip Adler

Phillip Adler

Portland, OR
(503) 853 6716
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About Phillip

C.H.E.K. Exercise Coach, NASM CES, C.H.E.K. HCCI, Strength Camp® Ambassador

Phil is the owner of Strength Camp Portland, located at PDXFIT.

As a lifelong Portlander (with a brief stint in the Navy), Phil Adler is the face of consistency and strength. He has been a personal trainer for over 8 years, but a coach for his entire adult life; his journey to a career in health began at 16, when he started teaching martial arts.

“I was terrible in school,” says Phil, “but I had a teacher in my junior year of high school who wanted me to write out a weight-training program of the other kids. I’d studied martial arts instructor all my life, which gave me a solid foundation for all kinds of movement.”

Phil’s introduction to the Reembody Method was sweet serendipity. Reembody rented the movement space where he runs classes, and he figured he would join along. Phil’s natural somatic awareness and kinesthetic intelligence made him a natural fit. He continues to study under Reembody founder Kevin Moore, offering Reembody assessments to his new clients.

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