Beck Beverage

Beck Beverage

Portland, OR

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Owner/Operator, Sweet Momentum Fitness

About Beck

Credentials: Certified Personal Trainer (TRX, Dynamic Variable Resistance Training, Loaded Integrated Functional Training, the Biomechanics Method), RCAP

Beck owns and operates Sweet Momentum Fitness, a gym that caters to every fitness background, body type, and gender.

Beck (he/him, they/them) has a coaching style that is gentle, respectful, embodiment-focused and trauma-informed. He believes that fitness can help people become more connected to the bodies they have—instead of focusing on the bodies they want.

Beck specializes in working with transgender adults and youth, and he is particularly interested in supporting folks as they transition. As a foremost expert in binding harm reduction and training pre- and post-gender affirming surgery, Beck offers workshops and classes that cater to this need.

Beck loves to work with people who want to use movement to be more present and their bodies and in the world, and folks who feel self-conscious about working out or movement in general.

Beck holds a Bachelor’s of Science from Portland State University.

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